Philosophy / Approach

My philosophy is shaped not only by my training and experience in providing counseling services, but also by my diverse life-experience as an advocate, volunteer, and documentary photographer. Within these experiences I have worked with people who faced numerous challenges including domestic violence, abuse, trauma, grief and loss, physical and mental disabilities, addiction, and severe financial hardship. The common thread throughout was our innate strengths and the importance of support for the individual or family.

Michelle Klein Counseling Services

 I provide counseling services in a holistic manner while keeping in mind you as an individual, your  situation, your personal strengths, supports, and available resources. I am  eclectic in my approach using psychotherapy interventions from experiential and body based trauma informed modalities, cognitive behavior therapy, emotion focused therapy and solution focused therapy, among others. Within these  interventions,  mindfulness, the practice of being present and aware, and numerous techniques that increase mind/body awareness are utilized. 

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