We all experience anxiety at one time or another. When anxiety interferes with your life, such as causing school, college or job performance difficulties, challenges our relationships and/or general functioning and well being, counseling can help. You and I will identify your strengths, build on these and apply them along with my knowledge of anxiety therapy techniques and strategies to create an individual coping plan and identify and reframe any self-defeating thoughts, beliefs or behaviors that are at the root of your anxiety.

Depression and other Mood Disorders

I have a broad range of experience in the State College area as a mental health counselor, providing psychotherapy in multiple settings.  My services include:

Young Adult Counseling

I am very passionate about helping all ages cope with and manage ADHD / ADD. Too often bright, talented, and wonderful people suffer with this diagnosis, not realizing that there are a multitude of strategies and skills that help manage their symptoms. In counseling, I will help you learn about ADHD / ADD, challenge social misconceptions and judgments about people who have ADHD / ADD that affect your self-esteem and performance, and teach evidenced-based strategies and skills.

The time between high school graduation and embarking on a career is a time of great change, which brings with it great opportunity for growth, but can also bring a significant amount of stress. Often, unresolved issues in our family of origin, early schooling, childhood and teen years interfere with our functioning in this time of our life. In working with my young adult / college age clients, I provide support, compassion, insight and encouragement to build on their strengths, develop a clearer sense of self and purpose and get in touch with their own innate resilience.

Counseling Services

Although we  all feel strong sadness at various times in our lives, one out of every six people will experience a clinically significant depressive episode in their lifetime. Depression, Bipolar Depression, Dysthymia and other mood disorders affect every facet of our life. I help my clients who struggle with Depression and other Mood Disorders through developing healthy coping and living skills, processing and addressing stressors, identifying internal and external resources, and reframing/replacing self-defeating beliefs, thoughts, and/or behaviors.

Trauma/ EMDR

Michelle Klein Counseling Services

ADHD / ADD Therapy

Anxiety & Panic Therapy / Stress Counseling

I have extensive trauma-informed training including being officially trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a therapy proven very effective in the treatment of PTSD and other trauma related and influenced diagnoses. Within a trauma-informed perspective, self- defeating beliefs and behaviors are viewed in a compassionate and interested manner to increase awareness and then identify and initiate change. 

Learning Disabilities and Difficulties

Whether you have a diagnosed learning disability or are struggling with school, college or work, counseling can help alleviate distress and improve functioning. I help through psycho-education, skills and strategy building, internal and external resource building, and processing underlying issues contributing to the difficulty or distress. Often times, someone struggling with learning disabilities or difficulties also experience anxiety and/or depression as a result of the learning struggles. In counseling, these secondary issues will also be addressed.